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Highly Recommended – EMRO Review 
  • Best Feature Documentary
       Trans|Lations Film Festival
       Beacon Independent Film Festival
       TranScreen Film Festival
       Identities Film Festival
  • Jury’s Special Commendation, GAZE Film Festival
  • James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, Hunter College, CUNY
  • One Of The Top Ten Best LGBT Docs Of 2014, The Advocate  Magazine

Cited by IndieWire as one of the must-see films of the 2014 festival circuit, Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger is the first feature-length documentary portrait of the pioneer transgender author and performance artist Kate Bornstein. Director Sam Feder’s film captures the many facets of this queer hero and pioneering gender outlaw. Whether she is charming an enraptured audience on her latest book tour, tweeting to thousands of fans, or deconstructing postmodern theory, Kate’s bold thinking, wicked wit, and astonishing candor get to the heart of transformations in gender and sexuality today. The documentary sheds new light on issues of critical importance to trans and queer communities such as: gender theory as a survival strategy; depression and alternatives to suicide; a broad gender spectrum vs. the rigid gender binary; illness, treatment, and recovery; and notions of queer family and legacy.


I always refer to Kate Bornstein as my ‘Fairy Tran-Mother.’ She showed me how to begin to love myself for who I am. This astonishing film will help you learn to be the most honest, courageous and fulfilled version of YOU that is possible.”
Mx. Justin Vivian Bond

“Sam Feder’s Kate Bornstein is a Queer and Pleasant Danger captures the outrageous radical wonders of Kate, who we’ve come to know and love in her books and appearances. What we also get from this eloquent documentary is insight into Kate’s interior life—what it means to pioneer a space for gender outlaws, and what you have to give up along the way.”Amy Scholder

“Sam Feder’s riveting portrait of the icon Kate Bornstein is itself an iconic film: utterly fresh in its approach, as Feder places transpeople determinedly at its center. This is a film for transpeople rather than just about them, and its aesthetic nuance, investigative rigor, and transgressive gestures are revelatory for all audiences. This is documentary filmmaking at its very best.”
Cris Beam, Lambda-award winning author of Transparent: Love, Family and Living the T with Transgender Teenagers

“Filmmaker Sam Feder has created an intimate, living memoir of queer pioneer Kate Bornstein. Feder’s vision of Bornstein in her element, her dailyness, provides a deeper understanding of who she is and ultimately who we are. Bornstein is an articulate and inspiring subject and Feder’s portrait of her belongs in all Gender and Sexuality Studies classrooms.”
Diana Cage, Lambda-award winning author of  of Mind Blowing Sex, Lesbian Sex Bible and Associate Professor of Humanities and Media Studies, Pratt Institute

“Basking in the sartorial splendor that is our lady of perpetual nonconformity, Kate Bornstein Is a Queer and Pleasant Danger offers up a cinematic landscape we’ve not yet witnessed: the deserted railroad tracks of familial impasse, the shared feasts of domestic intimacy, and a visually-stunning oceanside sit-down between Kate and Sandy Stone. Scene by scene, Feder exposes the performance within the performance within the performance—nothing short of a trans revolution set to the score of our ever-evolving politics.”  Maxe Crandall, writer, professor Stanford University 

“Kate’s ability to navigate historical and generational debates about the politics and practices of trans representation is remarkable, Feder’s film is a contemporary re-thinking of Kate’s impact.that consciously breaks out of typical trans narratives”-Windy City Times

 “This film is an intelligent and energetic portrait that investigates the life of its protagonist with candor and great heart.  Feder’s beautifully made film simultaneously tracks Bornstein’s past and present lives with well-wrought tension and stakes. A storyteller and filmmaker to watch.” Jury Special Commendation Award, Dublin, Ireland Gaze Film Festival

“Even if you think you know everything there is to know about Bornstein, Feder’s film will show you sides you hadn’t imagined were there.” Chris Dupuis, XTRA! Toronto Gay & Lesbian News

“Not only does Sam Feder’s moving documentary portrait, “Kate Bornstein is a Queer & Pleasant Danger” reliably bring its audiences to tears, they are a special kind of tears: the pleasant agony of truly feeling the tender precarity of life.”
Kyla Schuller, PhD. Rutgers University

“Sam Feder makes vitally important work which engages, educates and empowers. Our audiences were moved and inspired by the film.” Jason Barker, BFI Flare

 “…the documentary is fluid and organic, making it feel like a conversation rather than an explicit narrative. I felt like I had gone to visit Bornstein in her home.” Dana Sayer, The Horn

It is revolutionary!” -Sam Berliner, Director of Trans|Lations Film Festival

Feder’s documentary allows Kate to explain her theories, both explicitly in interviews and implicitly through natural footage of her life, and espouse her optimist outlook on life and individuality…The film is a joy to watch due to its colorful misé-en-scene and upbeat optimism.” -Crispy Sharp Film, UK Film Review